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Hakob Hakobyan is an Armenian contemporary artist whose works inhabit a space between portraiture and the abstract. Fueled by  dreams, emotions, memories, and visions of the future, Hakob employs a vibrant palette of colors to impart the beauty he sees in each moment. “Colors are a part of my inspiration. I change them as my emotion in the work changes. My palette right now is bright, beautiful, optimistic. I am trying to find a little l light in a world that can be very dark.” Currently living and working in New York City, Hakob’s work has featured in solo and group shows throughout the U.S. and Armenia and is held in numerous private and public collections. “My art is the language I use to talk to this world, to represent myself. It keeps my soul clean,” he says. “The biggest goal in my life right now is to offer the world a little beauty, love, and happiness through my art.”

Dream Big.png

Dream Big

Hakob Hakobyan | Acrylic on Wood


Never give up.png

Never Give Up

Hakob Hakobyan | Acrylic on Wood


Lennon 36x48.png


Hakob Hakobyan | Acrylic on Wood


Marilyn 48x48.png


Hakob Hakobyan | Acrylic on Wood


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