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Taylor & Connor Robinson
Visceral Home

Taylor and Connor Robinson are Charleston, SC-based artists creating sculptural mixed media artwork using the moniker visceral home. Their works interpret the human psyche — for trauma and healing, the passage of time, and the relationship between humans and the natural world. Over the past few years, they’ve honed in on a practice where the married partners collaborate: Connor creates handcrafted frames and surfaces on which Taylor paints abstract images. Their art is a kinship of two individual processes and personal meditative techniques that ultimately combine to achieve one thoughtfully balanced vision.


They feel drawn to painting using earth tones, foraging for pigment in nature, and honoring natural designs within wood grains. Intense feelings of joy, pain, craving for authenticity, and connection are motivating experiences that call them to create. Some projects start with fantasizing about the space where Taylor and Connor hope the finished piece will land. They consider the impact and textural components the painting will contribute to the home. They are setting an intention that the right collector will stumble upon it, with an instant visceral reaction, knowing that it is the missing piece. An alignment of intention and faith that has proven effective, time and time again. The space, home, and commercially shared environment the art ends up in is considered even during their most spontaneous works. They are endlessly fascinated by the psychology of how home design can either be therapeutic or detrimental to your mental health. A safe space authentically your own was a dream of Taylors and a wish for all who choose to work with visceral home.

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