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Yuval Gold, known as Yuvi, is a graffiti-inspired pop artist whose vibrant and dynamic works are deeply rooted in the streets that inspire him. Describing the street as the main source of inspiration for graffiti artists, Yuvi believes that his artwork becomes accessible, authentic, and relatable through this influence. Exhibitions and admirers from around the world have recognized the animation and vibrancy in his creations, which directly transport viewers back to the streets that sparked his artistic journey. Today, his artwork is valued and represented in galleries across the globe, including the UK, USA, Milan, Hong Kong, and Dubai.


In Yuvi's artwork, a wide range of subjects come to life, including superheroes, scientists, artists, movie stars, and animals. He skillfully uses humor and defiance to give voice to his personal worldview, exploring a variety of topics that he deeply cares about, from social criticism to iconic homage. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, during the late 1970s, Yuvi's early life was shaped by the hipster neighborhood of Florentine, which now serves as the heart of the city's graffiti scene. Surrounded by graffiti, music, politics, and the cosmopolitan character of Tel Aviv, these influences ignited his imagination and directed his expressive and vibrant artistic statements. Yuvi takes immense pleasure in creating one-of-a-kind, fun, and exciting art pieces that bring a sense of freedom and love into the homes of those who appreciate his unique style.


Enjoy Life

Yuvi | Mixed media on metal


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